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Wangtong (WT) Replacement Key for WT8000-WT9000 Locks.

WT8000-WT9000<br />(same as A prefix)
(same as A prefix)
Item# Wangtong-WT8000-WT9000-Key
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Please Note: Key pictured above is used to help with identification. The key you receive will not have a plastic handle, but will function properly in your lock.
Replacement key for Wangtong (WT) office furniture with lock numbers in the WT8000-WT9000 range. This is the same key range as the A8000-A9000 locks also made by WT. Keys are designed to work on various locks that match the same number (ie: a A8123 or key will only work on a A8123 lock). Found on various Wangtong desks, file cabinets, and pedestals.

Select your desired key number from the drop down menu above. The key number needed can be found on the side of the lock and on any original keys. Double-Sided Cut Key.

Replacement Key for Wangtong (WT) Locks