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HPC Mini Speedex Key Duplicator - 9120RM

HPC Mini Speedex Key Duplicator - 9120RM
Item# HPC-9120RM-CS502252
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This machine now accommodates large remote head keys, popular on Chrysler and Ford vehicles.

The Mini Speedex is a lightweight, industrial-grade duplicator, and is one of the most accurate small key machines on the market. Its size and weight make it ideal for use in small or mobile lock-shops. The 4-way jaws hold a large variety of different key blanks, including double-sided automotive keys. The expansive carriage range accommodates large-bow keys.

The Mini Speedex is equipped with a W1-grade tool steel cutter specifically designed for the high rpm motor. The machine comes with the HPC Softie� de-burring brush. The durable construction and bronze bearings combine for a long lasting machine.

HPC Mini Speedex Key Duplicator - 9120RM