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Reliable Service

At Action Systems Incorporated, office furniture installation is our main focus. Whether it is assisting a contract furniture dealer or reconfiguring existing furniture, our installers can make sure the job is completed efficiently and right the first time.

We know that your standards are high so we raise ours by hiring only the best installers. We have a large 40 person installation team with experience in all major brands of office furniture.


We can install furniture of any kind both new, used, or reconfigure your existing furniture. We can work at your schedule, during business hours or after hours and weekends. We will work hand in hand with your electricians and telecommunication personnel to insure a seemless install.

Moving and Remodeling

We can move your furniture and people within your space, or to a new space. We have available gondola carts for moving computers, library carts, and Tyga boxes for moving files and personal belongings. We can come in on a Friday night and tear down cubicles and clear offices for new carpet installation, painting and remodeling. Working with your contractors, we can have your office back up and running first thing Monday morning.

Dealership Service

Action Systems started out as a company providing skilled installers to local furniture dealers to supplement their own installation departments. We can install both locally in the Louisville, Kentucky market and travel nationally. We offer a whole sale labor rate to contract furniture dealers, or can bid projects as needed. In addition to installation, we offer on site project management and design.